Friday, 3 December 2010

Reactions and Dye-Hard Fanz

So the fabulous Live For Films posted these first-look photos of Danny Dyer and Anna Walton in Deviation this week. Just in case you've been living under a rock or visiting space, here they are again:

We told you this was a departure for Danny... If you didn't believe us, perhaps this photo clinches it! There's no "cheeky chappie" in the character of Frankie - he's a desperate and drawn tortured soul and we think Danny looks just fab here, he's got the "look" down to a tee. Reactions so far have been: "Wouldn't want to meet him down a dark alley", "well freaky", "intriguing", "not his usual!" and even, "Phhwaaaor!" (thanks Barry). 

We love Anna Walton's versatility - and she just *is* Amber. A real woman with real problems (ie. not just being kidnapped!), Amber is resolute - she has guts of steel and we think Anna's expression here reflects that brilliantly. Reactions so far have included,"No victim - nice", "prettypretty!!!", "She looks a bit different to Princess Nuala! LOL" and "So good to see a real actress/woman instead of the sexxed up bimbos you get so much in genre films".

In other news, shooting came to a standstill the other night (okay, I'm exaggerating, it was a brief interlude). 'Cos of the snow, you ask? NO - because the Deviation crew - not to mention Danny and Anna - were spotted on the roadside by some uber-fans!

Two chaps in a car were passing and spotted the low-loader near a petrol station we were shooting at. They did a massive U-turn, arriving on the forecourt full of smiles, wanting pictures with Danny Dyer - and anyone else they could get in the shot too! Danny was a great sport and happy to oblige and the two fellas raced off into the night...

... Practically minutes later, five or six more cars appeared - the two original guys had told all their friends! Teenagers, men and women - some of them in their pyjamas! - arrived to get a look at the action. It was a surreal moment: 3am in a deserted petrol station in East London, shooting a scene which is one of Amber's darkest moments in the whole film - which in turn is watched by a small crowd in their PJs!

Gotta love Filmmaking.

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