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A dark thriller, written & directed by JK Amalou

Produced by Lara Greenway, JK Amalou & Mike Riley

The Story

AMBER is a young nurse, intent on getting home to her family after a long shift.

FRANKIE is a dangerous psychopath on the run who will do anything to get out of the country and evade the authorities.

When Frankie takes Amber hostage to aid his escape, it’s the start of a long night. They drive through a London Amber has never seen before, yet Frankie is all too familiar with: the city’s sinister underbelly of broken-down council estates, empty streets, derelict factories, deserted docklands.

Stuck in the car with a madman, Amber realises she must rely on her own wits to survive. She is forced to play a deadly game of cat and mouse with Frankie. By morning, only one of them will be left alive…

Told in one night, DEVIATION is a taut, tense thriller that grabs urban legend and runs with it: the deep-seated, subconscious, yet very human fear of being abducted by a stranger. Stories of abduction - particularly of young women - hit the news frequently. Rooted in reality, the film will opt for a naturalistic, documentary style to tell the story of Amber's horrifiying journey. This will put the audience at the centre of the story, giving them a rollercoaster ride alongside Amber. Inspired by such commercially successful films as COLLATERAL, RED EYE and THE VANISHING, DEVIATION is an edge-of-your-seat tale and the truly frightening ordeal of a young innocent woman at the hands of a psychopath.