Tuesday, 6 March 2012

What can you find underneath The Godfather but above The Muppets?

Us!  Yes, that's right...  On a certain website called IMDb (Internet Movie Database) - which lists all movies ever made and everyone involved with them - we have, this week, ranked number 40.

Immediately one would say - so what?  What difference does it make?!  Well - a big, big difference - the top 50 really is blockbuster territory and it means people are interested in our movie!

Yes, it'll change and it'll drop back to a more 'normal' level soon but in all honesty, not many UK movies make it into the top 3,000 *ever*, so this is an amazing achievement all round!

So for posterity...here is a screenshot of our overall IMDb rank:

And here is where we sit in the IMDb Thriller section: