Monday, 14 March 2011

Deviation: New Shots From The Film

Great progress is being made on Deviation. There will be plenty of exciting announcements to come in the very near future, so thanks for watching this space and in the meantime, PLEASE let all your friends know all about the movie on Facebook and Twitter by sending the links and pics on and spreading the word.

Deviation was shot last year in November and December, two of the coldest months on record EVER, EVER. Team Devmov, not to mention our fab actors, braved the elements for the movie - so you better appreciate it! Of course, if you don't, we could always send Frankie after you all, like he went for poor Amber:

The unstoppable Danny Dyer might be the king of the indies, but you've never seen him like THIS. Frankie is a sick individual with a seriously warped view of the world, but he's also a character with layers - Frankie's NOT your classic 2D bogeyman. As Danny himself said, “Frankie is a complex guy, he’s not *just* a “psycho"... This guy is evil, but we can see why he’s ended up like this.” "Understandable" or not, I can't say I'd like to run into this fella down a dark alley:

Refreshingly, Amber does not identify with Frankie like *so many* thriller heroines - no Stockholm Syndrome here, thangyewverymuch (yawn!). In fact, she does all she can to get away, even appealing to outsiders for help like this chap here in the left of shot, Brian the Postman:

What happens, you say? Well that would be telling... But it's up to Amber, no one else, to rescue her! And about time too - we've had *quite* enough of sap heroines at Team Devmov. Here, earlier in the movie, Amber contemplates her fate as Frankie drives her in her OWN car across London:

So... What would you do if you were trapped in a car with a madman?

Hold that thought... imagine what Amber's going through. And what she MIGHT do in this movie.

Bet it's not what you expect.

Stay tuned! More photos and news very soon.


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  1. Wow!!! These shots are great! I like Anna Walton very much. It is great that she has such a big role in this film. I sure this film will magnificent. I'm really looking forward to this film. Please tell me what month will this film? Will this film be shown in Russia&
    P.S. sorry for my english. :)