Friday, 24 February 2012

Danny Dyer Bingo!

We're so pleased so many people are loving Deviation and we're DELIGHTED so many great people have got behind the film, especially on Twitter and Facebook, not to mention the fantastic fans from 

However there are some - shall we say - "inevitable" reactions to Danny himself, despite his trying to do something different (a key complaint of some "reviewers"). With this in mind then, Team Devmov have created DANNY DYER BINGO!

If you're a fan of Deviation and/or Danny, hunt down all those tired, predictable and cliched buzzwords in reviews, Twitter and Facebook... And score those commentators back in stars! Be sure to report back with your scores! Enjoy! 


  1. Haha brilliant!! Perfect come back really...
    As a moderator of his website I find it disgraceful these so called reporters / film critics think that Danny's films started with Football Factory. I mean if they actually done research first before putting their biast opinions across they would see films such as The Trench or Borstal Boy where he doesn't play a ganster/psycho/drug dealer/thug and he plays the parts in the films very well, they obviously also forget that he was liked and admired by Harold Pinter as an actor which in itself says a lot.
    I personally (watching the film as if I didn't know Danny) thought the film was well made, it kept you wanting to see what happened even though it's primarily based on 2 characters. The way the actors portrayed their characters was well executed and it was written in such a way that you didn't bore of the characters. Justin was a brilliant little touch too as it reflects real life. Well done all at Team Deviation!!

  2. Thanks so much Jo! We agree completely and think Danny is a top actor - that's why we cast him as Frankie. Thanks for all the great work at DD's website. We can't wait to work with Danny again on our next film, DECEIT.