Monday, 7 February 2011

Results Are In!

First off, thanks SO MUCH to everyone who entered the contest and voted in the poll - over 500 individual votes, with 1000+ votes total was an AMAZING response and beyond our wildest expectations!

Of the Deviant-generated taglines then, Stecyc Lukes wins with "Red, Amber, Dead" (377 votes) and ALSO occupies second place in the poll with "A journey with no red lights... only Amber" (371 votes).

Steyc operated a tireless one-woman assault across Facebook for her taglines (check out her pic, above!), so she's a much deserved winner. Steyc wins a subscription to Moviescope Magazine courtesy of the fabulous Rinaldo, plus a Screenwriters' Pocketbook, thanks to The London Screenwriters Festival.

Of the nine runners-up, there were further duplications (probably should have thought of that in advance, haha!) so in the interests of fairness we've taken each runners up FIRST, most-voted for tagline, then looked to the next new name in the poll. Results are as follows*:

- Maggie Thompson, "London's burning... rubber" (146 votes)
- Rifaht Aktar, "One survivor, two journeys" (142 votes)
- Sammi Lukes, "One long drive, two can't survive" (140 votes)
- Derek Wright, "Being of sound mind & body can be hard in London" (139 votes)
- Hummy Ackles, "Nursing is a deadly profession" (136 votes)
- Johnny Griffith, "She's used to saving other people's lives... tonight she must save her own" (59 votes)
- Nicky Weller, "Face your fear before your fear faces you!" (18 votes)
- Chrissy Brizzle, "His escape route is her ride home. Only one will make it alive"(16 votes)
- Harriet Barbir, "Snatched, latched, dispatched. It can be murder getting home." (13 votes)

All the runners up receive a Screenwriters' Pocketbook.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Could all Deviants listed here please send an email (Bang2writeATaolDOTcom) or Facebook message detailing their postal address to associate producer Lucy V Hay by the end of this week (Friday Feb 11th) so we can co-ordinate the sending out of the pocketbooks ASAP. Thanks!

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