Friday, 28 January 2011

Nobody Panic... Yet

We've had a few enquiries from tagline comp entrants about the poll in the last few days. It would appear certain entries are "losing" votes somehow and I'm also wondering how so many other entries can have over a hundred votes, when the highest I've seen the counter total go up to (so far) is 260! (Clearly, something is going awry somewhere - whether it's the counter total or the entries' individual counters on the latter issue).

Obviously, we're really sorry about this glitch and can assure you I'm monitoring the situation. *Hopefully* it will right itself in the next few days and there's still seven days left... I did notice all was fine at approximately 7am yesterday for about an hour (!), so with a bit of luck the poll should sort itself out in the next week.

Just so you know: unfortunately, I have no access to the actual poll, 'cos it's an add-on/gadget thing from Blogger itself. I have however contacted Blogger to ask them about it and find out if it's a "known" issue and if there's anything specific I can do about it.

Thank you for bearing with us and best of luck to all the entrants. Keep on campaigning for your taglines!

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