Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Round Up & Roll Up

So shooting of Deviation finished just before Christmas, but you haven't seen the last of us yet. In fact, in the days to come there will be an exciting opportunity for the writers amongst you - keep watching the Deviation Facebook page or follow Devmov on Twitter to stay in the loop and watch out for announcements.

In the meantime then, here is a round up of all the Deviation news and links in one place for your delectation - don't forget to check out this blog and our social network for more details too, including the ever-active producer of Deviation, Lara Greenway and the Hyper-tweeter associate producer Lucy V Hay, who can also be found here and here too. JOIIIIIIN UUUUUUUUSSSSSSSS!!!


From Live For Films on 23/11/2010 Details of Danny Dyer's new film, DEVIATION

From Write Here, Write Now on 24/11/2010 DEVIATION Update

From Scriptwriting In The UK on 24/11/2010 A rundown by Danny Stack of the filmmakers and doers in the Blogosphere, including DEVIATION

From Screen Daily on 27/11/2010 Danny Dyer Makes Psychological Thriller DEVIATION

From Cineropa on 27/11/2010 Danny Dyer takes DEVIATION [Also aggregated by Cafe Babel and Newsodrome]

From Phill Barron's Blog on 27/11/2010 DEVIATION

From The Bournemouth Echo on 04/12/2010 Bournemouth Graduate Gets Job On New Danny Dyer Film

From Live For Films on 06/12/2010 Danny Dyer Has A Big Tattoo In DEVIATION

From Dom's World on 07/12/2010 Danny Dyer - DEVIATION

From The Chris Jones Blog on 17/12/2010 A Writer's Guide To Getting Your First Feature Film Produced

From Live For Films on 17/12/2010 DEVIATION wraps in time for Christmas

Plenty more where these came from, too! Watch this space or join us on Facebook or Twitter.

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