Monday, 24 January 2011

VOTE NOW for #Devcomp Taglines

As you'll see on the right hand sidebar of this blog, the #Devcomp taglines are now available to vote for! [NOTE: if you view this blog via a reader, you will need to go to in order to make your selection].

Many, many thanks to all the entrants - we got a WHOPPING 64 entries total for the competition, plus quite a few more besides that I either couldn't enter on the basis of tone/story or were deliberately "jokey" entries. Most of the entries came in via Twitter - approx 40 or so - with the rest via Facebook and only THREE email entries. Interesting!

Don't forget there is a Moviescope Magazine subscription for the winner, plus a London Screenwrites Festival Screenwriting Pocketbook for the winner, plus a pocketbook for nine runners up too, so please DO be generous and vote for those taglines you think are the best/most appropriate to the movie as you see it.

Voters have more than one vote. PLEASE DO vote for your own if you want to - and DO canvass others to vote for yours via your own blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. All's fair in love and er, taglines! Also, please do feel free to offer constructive feedback to the entrants in the comments section.

Voting closes at 5pm on Friday, February 4th 2011. Looking forward to seeing who wins!


  1. For me, the most impactful movie tag line of all time was “In space no one can hear you scream” for Alien.

    A good movie tag line should have rhythm, impact, intrigue and a compactness that can sit perfectly on a movie poster - and be read, understood and felt in a second.

    It’s a big ask and 64 good guys have met the challenge. The question to ask is: What would drive you to the movie? Does a line miss a rhythmical beat? Does it pun too much? Do you have to stop and think about it too much? Or does it grab you and tell you “I want to see that film”?

    Happy voting. This is a great challenge!

  2. Agreed, RW - ALIEN had one of the best taglines ever.

    I think a good tagline has what you suggest, but also that very-hard-to-define "je ne se quois", that "element" that *somehow* strikes you between the eyes and MAKES you want to watch the film.

    We're very pleased at Deviation HQ with the strength of the taglines; some are especially good. We're keeping Mum on our own faves for now though, as it will be very interesting to see if our expectations match up to Joe Public's in the vote...!