Monday, 29 November 2010

Look At This Mass of Squiggles And Boxes!!!

So, here below is a QR Code. No idea what it is? Until Friday last week, I hadn't either - so many thanks to the marvellous Gia for enlightening me. 

Basically, QR codes are sort of like shortcuts to various URLs - if you see one somewhere like on someone's Facebook profile, or on a big poster in the real world or on the back of a book, all you need do is take a photo of it with your phone - and the phone will take you to the website... No more tedious tapping of URLs in tiny browsers - IT'S LIKE MAGIC! Only with squiggles and boxes. 
The QR code above links to the brand spanking new Deviation website. What we're asking YOU to do is simple - please share it on your Facebook walls, link to it on Twitter, put it on your blog sidebar, text it to your friends - JUST GET IT EVERYWHERE and tell everyone you know about Deviation. It'll only take a few seconds, honest. So:

Here's the direct link to the QR code online

Alternatively, take it from here or check any of Lucy V's social networking sites later on today and you will find it there too: Bang2writers and Facebook Profile and Twitter. Just click "Share" or "Retweet". Easy peasy!

Alternatively, email me and I'll send you the pic!!

Thanks so much!!! Let's get DEVIATION all over the world wide web!

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