Friday, 12 November 2010

The Main Characters

Danny Dyer plays Frankie
We're delighted Danny Dyer is joining us as the antagonist, FRANKIE. As one of the UK's most popular actors, Danny needs very little introduction, with credits as long as your arm - and then some! Recently we've seen a new side to Danny - he's been taking to the stage on the likes of Kurt & Sid and Harold Pinter's The Homecoming, as well more varied roles in features like The Devil's Playground and Malice In Wonderland

Anna Walton plays Amber
Danny has played "bad boys" before - but none quite like Frankie in Deviation. A complex role, Frankie is not just your average "psycho", but a real tortured soul who has seen his world go to hell around him. The little boy who never grew up, Frankie is full of petulant rage - and he doesn't care who he destroys in the process, including Amber. 

We're also VERY pleased to announce Anna Walton plays our lead, AMBER, in Deviation.

Anna is an incredibly versatile actress with many credits across theatre, film and television. Just a small sample: she played Susannah in the NBC Crusoe series, plus she was in 2007's Vampire Diary and the epic Hellboy 2: The Golden Army as Princess Nuala.

Though Amber is overcome and snatched by Frankie in Deviation, it's important to know she is no victim - and nor does she resort to Stockholm Syndrome like so many movie heroines! Frankie takes control of her destiny that night - but she's going to take it right back, whatever the cost.

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