Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Road To Hell

Let the countdown to production begin!

DEVIATION is a dark thriller told in one night, written & directed by JK Amalou, Produced by Lara Greenway, Mike Riley and JK Amalou. You can read the full synopsis here.

DEVIATION tells the story of Amber, a young nurse who is held hostage by escaped convict Frankie in his bid to make it out of the country. In her terrifying journey, she's driven through the dingy, dark, seedier backstreets of London.

So the  team have been out and about then, looking for those locations for Amber's Road to Hell...  DEVIATION will be a night shoot - a LOT of night shoots (gasp) - so it was imperative we found places that could take on a life of their own in darkness. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure and we'll be back soon with more info about the production. Enjoy!

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